Epihealth and Jonathan Mayer

This blog is a general blog on epidemiology, medical geography, clinical epidemiology and randomized trials, and health policy.

It is written by Dr. Jonathan Mayer, Professor of Epidemiology, Geography, Internal Medicine (Div. of Allergy and Infectious Disease),  Global Health, and Health Services at the University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195. He is also past President of an NGO that works in the largest urban slum in Ghana (Nima), called the Health Improvement and Promotion Alliance (hip-ghana.org), dedicated to improving the health and welfare of urban slum dwellers, and former chief of the clinical ethics consult service, Northwest Hospital, Seattle.

Mayer’s expertise is in infectious diseases, the epidemiology of pain, cardiovascular epidemiology, travel medicine, spatial epidemiology, and global health.

Email: jmayer@uw.edu


3 Responses to Epihealth and Jonathan Mayer

  1. Kevin Welk says:

    As a student of environmental geography, I am curious as to how professor Mayer came to his specialization in the health and biological sciences from a more traditional geography background. My background is in Nursing, microbiology, geology, and now, environmental geography/GIS. I am trying to integrate these areas of study as I complete my BS in Geography at the University of Minnesota. It seems the Master in Public Health in Infectious Diseseases and Food Safety is it! So I am wondering how Professor Mayer came to integrate the disparate but related fields of study he went through.

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Kevin,
      I think a MPH is good. It’s what I’m currently studying. Read my comment below : ) There are many specializations! You can choose one that’s close to your interests.

  2. Sophie says:

    Dear Dr. Mayer!
    Thank you for this blog! I’m studying Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health Education thought my interests lie in infectious diseases and global health. I’m currently an intern researching childhood diseases. Also, I never knew that geography is related to these subjects! Like the comment above, I’m curious how you came to specialize in your work but I’ll be reading your blog!

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